On the Needles … Off the Needles!

It didn’t take me long to get started on the new Baa Ram Ewe Titus yarn that arrived at the beginning of April. With a selection of lovely designer patterns to choose from, and a delicious palette of colours, deciding which pattern to pick was a tough choice but I have had a go at Titus Adrift by Carol Feller in the rich russet colour called Parkin. Carol is an Irish designer who has been trained both as an artist and a structural engineer. This dual approach is seen in her ability to put together patterns for seamless garments with clever shaping techniques that create flattering tailored pieces.

I really enjoyed knitting this cap-sleeved, waterfall cardigan. The pattern starts at the top and works down to the bottom hem one piece (no sewing up - Hallelujah!). This allowed me to postpone the decision about how long to make the cardigan until right at the end which was great because by that time I was able to try the whole thing on while it was still on the needle and see how it would look before making up my mind. I chose to add another 2 inches to the length as the original pattern is quite cropped - probably better suited to a more streamlined figure than mine… But I had plenty of yarn to do this.

Which reminds me…the yarn quantities on the printed pattern are excessive and I will provide a printed errata slip for anyone buying this pattern and make sure you don’t waste money on unnecessary amounts of yarn. Mine took under 3 hanks and there enough left to use for colour work on a hat or pair of gloves another time.

I knitted on a 100cm long 4mm circular needle but using it to knit flat - the work is not joined in the round. If this is confusing to anyone, please ask. I am happy to explain and it is really simple once you have got your head round it!

If you are interested in this project do pop into the studio. Folk are welcome to try on the sample I have knitted but sorry - the finished garment is just for inspiration and not for sale!

Emma George