New Year Reflections

Over Christmas I've had a little time to reflect about Fine Fettle Fibres and how I want the business to move forward in 2018. It's been a joy to see it grow and take shape over the past year and this seasonal break to normal routine has seemed like a good time to take stock of all that the business means to me and the ways in which I hope it can continue to flourish.

Fine Fettle Fibres is more to me than just a shop and I hope that it means more than that to my customers, also. I have come up with a short statement of why I run my business (over and above just keeping the wolf from the door...) which I'm happy to share in the hope that it might promote some conversation and interesting ideas. So, here's why Fine Fettle Fibres is what it is: 

  • To promote creativity through provision of the best materials available, and through sharing knowledge, inspiration and encouragement.
  • To offer a place where community can develop around a shared passion for yarn and knitting.
  • To make mutually helpful, instructive and stimulating connections with other woolly professionals.
  • To raise the profile of British wool as a superb, renewable, natural resource that deserves to be better appreciated and valued.

Getting these thoughts down has given me a foundation as I think about how to plan for 2018, and a touchstone to test my future plans against: will an idea promote creativity, community and connections or run counter to them?

Most plans for 2018 are still a work in progress – watch out for more news – but one of my first decisions of 2018 was to sign up to The Dumfries House Wool Declaration. Not sure what has taken me so long to get round to this but it feels like an excellent way to start the New Year! Not heard of the Declaration ... read on in my next post!

Judith Goodfellow