Knit Real Shetland

Knit Real Shetland


A collection of 15 projects in real Shetland wool from Jamieson & Smith

Contents include:

  • Wave cardigan by Toshiyuki Shimada & Grace Williamson
  • Feathercrest Mittens by Jared Flood
  • Peat Hill Waistcoat by Hazel Tindall
  • Cross Tam by Daniel Goldman
  • Viking Tunic by Sandra Manson
  • Osaka Tea Cosy by Masami Yokoyama
  • Kergord Scarf by Mary Kay
  • Melby Jumper Dress by Gudrun Johnston
  • Wool Brokers Socks by Lesley Smith
  • Muckleberry Gloves & Hat by Mary Jane Muckletsone
  • Caavie Gansey by Candace Eisner Strick
  • Madeira Lace Shawl by Joyce Ward
  • Buttoned Hat by Woolly Wormhead
  • Olly's Allover by Jean Moss
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