Pompom Issue 26

Pompom Issue 26


ON SALE DATE: 23 August 2018

As autumn nights close in, we spend ever more time with the moon. Pom Pom Issue 26 features dreamy knits that call to mind moon phases, clear nights, lunar eclipses, and all that is beautiful and mystical about our piece of silver in the sky.

Pompom asked their designers to go moon gazing, and so they bring you the lunar collection. Featuring sweaters, wraps, mitts and a hat, you’ll find plenty to keep your fingers busy while you moonbathe. They have gone for a mix of rustic and ethereal yarns, and you’ll see a fair bit of mohair, silk, and blends that glow.

Resident columnist Anna Maltz muses on the cycles of age and they take a behind-the-snowy-scenes look at the shoot for Emily Foden’s Knits about Winter (coming soon in October). Emily also contributes to this issue with a how-to for her celestial garlands and you can ensure a full (moon) belly with Rebecca Lawrence’s pancake recipe.

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Designs include: