7 December 2019 – Ysolda's Cadeautje Slippers: Knitting with Thrums

7 December 2019 – Ysolda's Cadeautje Slippers: Knitting with Thrums


10.30 am – 3.30 pm

Come and learn to use thrums (little pieces of un-spun fibre knitted into your work) to make a pair of the cosiest slippers you could possibly wish for!

The cost includes:
  - purchase, printout and Ravelry download link of the pattern by designer Ysolda Teague
  - enough yarn, and hand-dyed tops to make the thrums, for 1 pair of Cadeautje slippers up to adult size 10
  - tuition
  - buffet lunch and light refreshments (please let me know in advance of the ay if you have any dietary requirements)

You will need to bring with you:
   - a pair of 4.5mm straight needles plus a 4.5mm circular needle at least 80cm long or 4.5mm DPNs depending on whether you like to work small circumferences in the round using the magic loop method or using 4 or 5 DPNs
   - stitch markers
   - tapestry needle with a large eye

This pattern is part of Ysolda’s collection of Gifts for the Knitworthy. Read on for more information about the concept of Knitworthiness!

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The concept of Knitworthiness has received welcome attention recently from designers such as Ysolda Teague and podcasters such as Louise Scollay aka Knit British. In essence it is about valuing the time, skills and materials that go into your knitting. As Ysolda says, 'life’s too short to knit for anyone who doesn’t love what you make'. 

So, if autumn brings, for you, the idea of gift making, here is the first of a series of workshops that combine an opportunity to make a beautiful gift for someone who will truly appreciate it, whilst at the same time learning some interesting new techniques that will add to your repertoire of skills.

Ysolda's Cadeautje Slippers are boot shaped and created with a thick, soft cushion of insulating fibre on the sole and around the cuffs for instantly warm toes. The secret is thrumming, a traditional technique used to create super warm mittens in chilly Newfoundland and Labrador. Every few stitches a wee bit of unspun fibre is worked into a stitch creating a fun pattern on the outside. The loose ends create a thick, fluffy layer on the inside just like a sheepskin. With ten sizes covering little kids to big guys in this pattern, you’ll be able to keep everyone’s toes cozy.

Photo credit - Ysolda Teague