Garthenor Pennine Lace weight

Garthenor Pennine Lace weight


Garthenor’s own exclusive ‘Romwarth’ blend forms the base for Pennine, a mix of 60% single flock organic Falklands Polwarth shearling and 40% single flock organic English Romney shearling. Combed into a smooth and lustrous top, this rich blend is a true luxury lace. Skein dyed to a nuanced palette, all Henorius yarns are 100% Certified Organic and made in Britain.

Yarn weight: Lace
Ball weight:  50g hank
Composition: 60% Falklands Polwarth shearling and 40% English Romney shearling
Yarn length: 380m per 50g
Care: Hand wash in cool water

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