Addi Premium Circular Knitting Needles

Addi Premium Circular Knitting Needles

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High quality fixed circular knitting needles with smooth, straight tips and a strong but flexible cord. Excellent tip to cord transitions.

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Addi Premium Circular Knitting Needles

These high quality, German engineered knitting needles have the following features:

  1. Smooth transitions from the needle tip to the cord
  2. Very smooth polished metal tips
  3. Extra light tips
  4. The needle tip thickness and cord length are laser printed onto the cord for reference
  5. Highly flexible cord
  6. The tips are straight, rather than angled, so that the needles do not twist out of the hand during knitting.

In the event that the cord becomes stiff after prolonged exposure the air, soaking the cord in warm water for a few minutes will restore suppleness.